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BEAU BRUMMELL One Sheet Movie Poster R62/33

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BEAU BRUMMELL 1sh R62/33 art of Elizabeth Taylor & Stewart Granger

An Original Re-Release Vintage Theatrical Folded One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27″ x 41″ [69 x 104 cm])

Beau Brummell (and the Beauty!), the 1954 Curtis Bernhardt U.S./English historical royalty romantic melodrama (“To the gallery of great motion pictures MGM brings ‘Beau Brummell’ and The Beauty!”; “Soldier, Poet, Adventurer, Rogue, Gambler, LOVER!”; “Millions know his name, but this is the flesh-and-blood man soldier, poet, adventurer, rogue, gambler, LOVER!”; “Here was a man with a lust for life… A man who was a … Soldier … Lover … Gambler … Adventurer … Fascinating to all women yet faithful in his fashion only to one … The lady who feared to share his storm-tossed destiny!”; “In gorgeous color!”; “Based On the Play Written for Richard Mansfield by Clyde Fitch”; set in the early 1800s, loosely based on the life of George Bryon Brummell, who was a soldier with a modest inheritance, but he became the favorite of the Prince of Wales, and he rose in English society; he was famous for his stylish fashion sense and his great wit; but it went to his head, and he gambled himself deep into debt, and he fell out of favor with the prince, and he died in debtor’s prison from syphilis!) starring Stewart Granger (in the title role as Beau Brummell), Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov (as the Prince of Wales), Robert Morley (as King George III), and James Donald

Good -EX; It is rare that you will find an entire poster collection where the poster was obtained from one collector. This collector was there and got these posters himself! Coming directly from one owner. This poster was obtained in the era and stored unfolded flat in a poster sleeve.

The condition on this collection collectivley is EX! Folds appear as expected. The poster is almost perfect except for small corner  paper crease  but its very minimal. You won’t see a better poster condition. Folds appear as expected along with the appropriate “Title Stamping” on the back of the poster.


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There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “BEAU BRUMMELL One Sheet Movie Poster R62/33”



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