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Bill Bradley – sweet spot, ballpoint.

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Bill Bradley – sweet spot, ballpoint.

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The baseball has long served as the ideal medium to place an autograph. After all, the baseball is readily portable and, by its substance, it provides an optimal background to contrast a signer’s identity. Of greater importance, though, is that a baseball symbolizes our American values – the institution around which our society rallies. And so, it’s in that spirit that the following 14 signed balls are presented. They are offered individually, and provide a broad selection of global luminaries. These are celebrities who’ve earned their fame in a variety of disciplines other than baseball. All of these balls are official (i.e. ONL or OAL) and all are clean. Though obvious in our photography for each, we will itemize these to specify their autograph placement and the instrument used to sign. And finally, all of these are “10/10” in quality, unless qualified, and all are single-signed. These were all attained by “Doc” Ewell. The late Mr. Ewell plied a half-century career as a clubhouse trainer. He registered lengthy tenures for the Kansas City Athletics and the Houston Astros.

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