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Billy Martin “New York Yankees” Signed Ball

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Billy Martin “New York Yankees” Signed Ball

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Grudgingly, we’ll acquiesce to PSA’s declaration that this ball has undergone some removal of writings. Without their professional services, however, such is simply not evident. The ball is mildly soiled and there are no discernible stampings to be found. The splendor of this one is, of course, immediately apparent in our photo…it was signed by the brat, Billy Martin, on a side panel. With a salutation, it’s personalized, and then on an adjacent panel Martin embellished with the notation, “N. Y. Yankees.” This Martin autograph is an impressive departure from the norm. It’s uncommonly bold, projecting at a quality of “trong>8-9”. But we’re particulary taken by the dimension; most Billy Martin autographs available in our industry are elemental to a team composite of sorts, and thereby usually disappointing in size.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Signed  Billy Martin

Auction End: 20-Feb-08  Post Views: 574

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