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Bobby Jones Signed St. Andrews Photo (1927)

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Bobby Jones Signed St. Andrews Photo (1927)

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A photo historian may be able to isolate the vintage of this souvenir card decisively, but we’ll take the liberty to declare that it dates to the late 1920s (and with reasonable assurance, we assert that the scene captures the imminently victorious Bobby Jones at the first tee in the 1927 British Open). At any rate, it measures 2-3/4″ x 4-1/2″ and, in a glossy finish, it projects the facade of the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse of St. Andrews (though there’s no caption). There’s some very light soiling to the surface, but there are no flagrant stains or creases in it. The novelty of this piece, however, is that its otherwise blank reverse features a penciled autograph delivered by the immortal Bobby Jones. As the superlative golfer of his era, he claimed victories in the British Open in 1926, 1927 (to which we believe this piece traces), and again in 1930 – The latter, it should be reminded, was his finest year, winning the U. S. Open, the U. S. Amateur, the British Open, and the British Amateur – the Grand Slam of Amateur golf, a feat which has never been equaled.

To the principal matter, however, Jones signed the piece in his conventional “Robt. Jones.” Considering that the instrument was newly sharpened, and of unusual hardness, this is tantamount to a crisp and exceptional Jones autograph. The contrasting background has cleanly aged a bit to render the strength of the signature about “7” while its general quality (precision) is “9”.

As an afterthought, the reader who cares to research the photographic scene will note that the standard view of the 1927 British Open (per Encyclopaedia Britannica online) conveys Jones’ background peopled by a gallery, while the photo holding this autograph is rather vacant of the admiring throng.

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