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Burleigh Grimes Single-Signed Ball

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Burleigh Grimes Single-Signed Ball

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The legacy of Burleigh Grimes pivots much on his mastery and perpetuation of the spitball. But had he not availed these tools, we believe he would have still coursed his way to Cooperstown. Speculation aside, his first two seasons were undistinguished and he likely pondered a future raising chickens. A sudden and welcomed metamorphosis prevailed, however, when Grimes was dealt by the Pirates to Brooklyn in exchange for Casey Stengel. Immediately, Burleigh Grimes emerged as a premier pitcher and remained so through much of the 1920s. Late in life, he gladdened one fan in signing this ONL (Feeney) baseball. The medium is utterly pristine. (We’d prefer evidence of a little saliva on a side panel, but this one is unfortunately spotless.) The signature, likewise, is impeccable; situated primarily on a side panel, it projects at a quality of “10”. Tendered by an elderly hand, it is nonetheless perfectly legible.

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