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c1927 Charles Lindburgh Photo Display

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c1927 Charles Lindburgh Photo Display

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By most accounts Charles Lindburgh was as big a hero in America in the 1920s as Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth. On the morning of May 20, 1927, Lindburgh’s plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, lifted off Roosevelt Field on Long Island and it didn’t touch down again until 10 p.m. on May 21 when it landed outside Paris. Lucky Lindy, also nicknamed the Lone Eagle, had made the 3,600-mile trip across the Atlantic in 33 hours and 32 minutes. Lindburgh flew solo into the history books and the hearts of Americans by being the first to make the trans-Atlantic flight in a plane that has been characterized as being nothing more than “a propeller-driven fuel tank.” He would later win the sympathy of the public over the death of his kidnapped son and then, still later, on the eve of World War II, fall out of favor with the American people over his isolationist political views. The item offers two unsigned photos, one of Lindburgh reading from a sheet of paper, and the other of his plane. Both of the photos are in ex. condition and the item is attractively arranged in a handsome display. Aviation and American history buffs should find this item hard to resist.

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