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Canadian Silk Collection

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Canadian Silk Collection

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In the later years of the tobacco insert era, there emerged the novel medium of silk. Splendid imagery could be imposed on the surface of fine fabric, and in turn, draw the patronage of the growing numbers of women smokers. Typifying the phenomenon are these three groups of ‘silks’ which were distributed in the Provinces. This collection features generous quantities from the issues SC10 (regimental uniforms), SC2 (military medals and orders) and SC6 (national flags). They measure about 2″ x 3″, and as is expected in the genre, all have varying degrees of frayed strands. With very few exceptions, these are handsomely clean, and project in apparent EX/MT. Specifically included are: SC10 – thirty-one different (43 assorted) of 55 issued; SC2 – twenty-six different (36 assorted) of 55 issued and SC6 – forty-six different (60 assorted) of about 160 issued.


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