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Carmelo Anthony Practice-Worn Team USA Jersey

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Carmelo Anthony Practice-Worn Team USA Jersey

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Carmelo Anthony is a consistent scorer who has the Denver Nuggets on the verge of greatness. While the competitive Western Conference is tough to break through, the Nuggets finally have their pieces in place to make a long playoff run. Anthony wore this Nike size “2XL” jersey when preparing for the Olympics with Team USA. The double mesh reversible pullover was originally purchased from the team, although there is no accompanying paperwork to confirm. A photo of Anthony wearing this style of jersey will be forwarded to the winner. The navy blue side features a Nike manufacturer’s label and “Length +4” flag designator. The jersey shows light overall use. All of the identifiers are screened on and the numerals match the ones used by Anthony at practice during that time. A photo of ‘Melo’ wearing this style (wearing the same number)of jersey will be forwarded to the winning bidder.

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