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Charley Finley “Orange Alert” Baseball, Mint in Original Box.

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Charley Finley “Orange Alert” Baseball, Mint in Original Box.

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He was a loud-mouth, tyrant and miser… AND a master showman and innovator. His A’s won 5 straight division titles (1971-75) and 3 consecutive World Series (1972-74), but the legacy also includes Charley O the mule, mustachioed players, designated hitters & runners, AND orange baseballs. On March 29, 1973, the “Official Charles O. Finley Baseball” was first used in an A’s exhibition game. He believed the ball, dubbed the “Orange Alert”, would prove more visible. It wasn’t, and the A’s got shelled. Ironically, most hitters complained they couldn’t see it as well as the traditional white balls. Thus, the orange grapes died on the vine and became part of baseball folklore as well as an instantly historic collectible. MINT and sealed in its original box.

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