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Chuck Connors Last Modified Winchester “Rifleman” Style Rifle (w/Connors Family Letter and Original Case)

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Chuck Connors Last Modified Winchester “Rifleman” Style Rifle (w/Connors Family Letter and Original Case)

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John Wayne, Gene Autry and Chuck Connors are three of the most beloved names in the cowboy film genre. But unlike the others Connors was an athlete of the highest order. Before he made the splash onto the silver screen and later television, Connors played basketball professionally with the Boston Celtics and also tried his hand at professional baseball. Given his stature, he was a natural fit for Hollywood once his abbreviated sports career came to an end.

Connors gained nationwide notoriety when he starred in The Rifleman from 1958-63. Connors staple was his specialized gun which allowed him to attack the bad guy with no notice. The gun itself was specially modified with a large loop and metal tab to turn it into a rapid firing machine.

This Winchester gun belonged to Chuck Connors and was inherited by his son, Steve. The family heirloom was owned by Steve until now. A family letter will attend and serve as authentication. Please note, Winchester has ceased all manufacturing capabilities hence the collector’s value on any Winchester has increased dramatically.

According to previous research done by our company, there were at least three carbines used in the show – two identical Winchesters, one for Chuck to use and the other maintained as a backup, and then a third rifle which was modified from a Spanish version of the Winchester called an El Tigre. That version was holstered by Connors horse and never drawn. In existence were the two other loop-lever Winchester 92 carbines that he owned, but had no relationship with the TV show. Connors displayed his rifles at his home ranch in Tahachipi, California.

Lets get to the particulars on the Connors signature rifle. From the tip of the barrel to the butt measures 37 inches. Imprinted on the top of the barrel is Winchester Model 92 44-40 Win. Made in New Haven. Conn. U.S.A. Winchester Proof Steel. 770025 is engraved on the underside, near to where the trigger mechanism resides. The stock has numerous scratches. Also included is the weight case which this treasure came in. The weight on the case alone is 65 lbs. Please call for a shipping estimation. The case belonged to the Rifleman and was custom made. A lighting mechanism is in place although there is no bulb. We cannot confirm the lighting fixture works. This was made for Chuck Connors though.

Note: Since this Winchester is a firing weapon, we strongly advise the gun be inspected by a bona fide gunsmith before loading and discharging.
A photo of Connors’ son, Steve, is on-line.

100% Authentic Team

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