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Cleveland Indians (41) Signed Index Cards (George Uhle, Jim Lemon)

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Cleveland Indians (41) Signed Index Cards (George Uhle, Jim Lemon)

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trong>CLEVELAND INDIANS – 41 assorted (35 different) – Heinz Becker (3), Joe Becker, Eddie Bockman, Gary Boyd, Larry Brown, Larry Burchart, Paul Calvert, George Case, Sam Chapman, Bill Dailey, George Detore, Les Fleming, Fabian Gaffke, Denny Galehouse, Sal Gliatto, Mel Harder (4), Billy Harris, Hank Helf, Willis Hudlin (2), Roy Hughes, Tommy Irwin, Duane Kuiper, Ray Lamb, Jim Lemon, Sam McDowell, Buster Mills, Al Milnar, Paul O’Dea, Riggs Stephenson, George Susce, trong>George Uhle, Ralph Weigel, Wally Westlake, Fred Whitfield and Ralph Winegarner.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, James Spence Authentication

Card,Cleveland Indians,Signed  Al Milnar,Bill Dailey,Billy Harris,Buster Mills,Denny Galehouse,Duane Kuiper,Eddie Bockman,Fabian Gaffke,Fred Whitfield,Gary Boyd,George Case,George Susce,George Uhle,Hank Helf,Jim Lemon,Joe Becker,Larry Brown,Larry Burchart,Les Fleming,Mel Harder,Paul C

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