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Cleveland Indians Vintage Pennant Collection (24 Assorted)

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Cleveland Indians Vintage Pennant Collection (24 Assorted)

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An impressive quantity and variety of elderly Cleveland Indians pennants are now made available. There are a total of 24 pieces here, and in our itemization, we’ll indicate duplicates. These are basically from the 1940s and early ’50s, and for many of them their condition is rather reduced. However, for that insistent pennant collector, there are doubtlessly a few in this collection that have never become available. In greater detail,

trong>1) “American League Champions – World Series 1948” – bat-swinging Wahoo; 25 inches; FR/GD.

trong>2-4) “Cleveland Indians World Series 1948” – full headdress; scrolled roster; there are three identical, two of them correctly citing [Hal] “Peck”, however the third piece erroneously lists, instead, “Tech”; all three are about GD.

trong>5) “American League Champions” (prob. ’48) – menacing Indian motif; 25-1/2 inches; FR.

trong>6) (same as #5 except “Cleveland” only, dark green); EX.

trong>7) (same as #5 except “Cleveland” only, red); GD.

trong>8) “Cleveland” – stitched felt characters (shocking pink-on-gray) Near Mint.

trong>9) “Cleveland Indians” – primitive headressed Indian; dark maroon; VG/EX.

trong>10) “Cleveland Indians” – bat-swinging Wahoo above Municipal Stadium; red; 29-1/2 inches; VG/EX

trong>11) (same as #10 except 26 inches); EX.

trong>12) (same as #10 except 26 inches and dark maroon); faulty cut at tip; FR.

trong>13) “Cleveland Ohio” – beautifully detailed Indian in full headdress; gray field; VG/EX.

trong>14) (same as #13 except 26-1/2″ and blue field); EX/MT.

trong>15) (same as #13 except 26-1/2″, blue field, and variation of headdressed Indian); EX.

trong>16) “Cleveland Ohio” – headdressed Indian w/bow and arrows; red field; 26 inches; GD.

trong>17) “Cleveland” – headdressed Indian w/ball and crossed bats; red field w/gold characters; EX.

trong>18) “Cleveland Indians” – late ’40s Wahoo motif; red field trimmed in gold; 29 inches; EX/MT.

trong>19) (same as #18 except light green field, “Indians” in drop shadow); EX.

trong>20) (same as #18 except dark blue field, “Indians” in drop shadow); EX/MT.

trong>21) (same as #18 except dark green field, exceptionally colorized Wahoo); EX.

trong>22-23) (same as #18 except 26 inches and trimmed in white); two identical, both EX.

trong>24) “Cleveland Indians” – 1950s Wahoo motif; dark red field; 25-1/2 inches; FR.

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