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Clyde McCoy’s Personal Copy of “Sugar Blues” a Vogue Picture Record (R707 – 1946)

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Clyde McCoy’s Personal Copy of “Sugar Blues” a Vogue Picture Record (R707 – 1946)

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Offered is an original Vogue Picture Record (R 707) by Clyde McCoy and his Sugar Blues Orchestra. Sugar Blues (Clyde McCoy and his Orchestra) matrix: P5 b/w Basin Street Blues (Clyde McCoy and his Orchestra) matrix P7. These phonograph records on the “Vogue” label were released in the mid 1940s and have a color picture or illustration rooted in the transparent vinyl of the record. These marvels were manufactured by the defunct Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Mich. Typically, Vogue picture records are 10-inch, 78 RPM records. R707 was the first of 80 titles pressed although the number sequence was not consistent. The AVPRC or The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors declares that “Vogue picture records were of a very high quality, with little surface noise. The records were produced using a complicated process whereby a central core aluminum disc was sandwiched between the paper illustrations and vinyl.” In qualifying the condition we have to mention some typical and common defects that are characteristic of Vogue records called “lamination cracks”, which are small hairline cracks that appear in the surface of the vinyl, probably caused by stress or expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. It’s not uncommon to find a few on the average Vogue; Staining of the vinyl can affect the value of the record only if the image is affected or distorted; Slight warping is acceptable, but anything more than an eighth of an inch. Based on this our evaluation is as follows: The offered disc does exhibit two minute chips along the outer edge that are not visible on either side. The overall coloring of the vinyl using a scale of 10 being white and one being completely yellow, we can conservatively grade the color as “eight,” meaning it is mostly white with a slight trace of yellow. The image on both sides are perfectly clear and the record has maintained a considerable amount of it’s original sheen. There are some surface scratches but these are not critical to overall appearance of the record. However, they might be more critical to the playing of the record. The record does exhibit an acceptable amount of lamination cracks, but again they do not interfere with the pictures of either side. The provenance of this record sets it apart from all other R707’s pressed. trong>This particular copy was owned by Clyde McCoy himself. Included with this record is an original promotional photo of Clyde McCoy and his Orchestra and a vintage Capitol Records sales slick.


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