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Collection of 10 “Sport Magazine” Press Photos

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Collection of 10 “Sport Magazine” Press Photos

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During sport’s golden age of the 1950s, photographers snapped pictures at a feverish pace trying to capture that award winning shot. Color was introduced in the early part of the decade which added life to the subjects. These 10 color glossy press photos (5 1/2″ x 7″) were issued by Sport Magazine, presumably in the mid ’50s, when color became the fashion. All of the photos are NM in quality and the original envelope, with its dual wheel fastener, is also included. The candid photos contain all posed shots. Photos include: Bob Cousy, Joe Black, Elroy Hirsch, Rocky Marciano, John Olszewski, Allie Reynolds, Bob Mathias, Stan Musial, Robin Roberts and Bobby Shantz.

Award,Photo,Picture,Press  Allie Reynolds,Bob Cousy,Bob Mathias,Bobby Shantz,Elroy Hirsch,Joe Black,John Olszewski,Robin Roberts,Rocky Marciano,Stan Musial

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