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Collection of Assorted Rock ‘n’ Roll Backstage Passes

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Collection of Assorted Rock ‘n’ Roll Backstage Passes

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A shared goal of every enthusiastic fan is to meet their favorite singer and band members. The easiest way to do this is to obtain a backstage access pass. For the general public this is a fantasy but, for some this is a dream come true. These relics have in recent years become very collectable. We take pleasure in offering the following selections.

Offered is a fine collection of passes from Madonna; David Bowie; Celine Dion; Aerosmith; Shania Twain; ZZ Top; Fleetwood Mac; Ozzfest; Dixie Chicks; Elton John & Billy Joel; Popodyssey; R.E.M.; Don Henley; Backstreet Boys; Tom Petty; Cher; Pink Floyd; AC DC; and Ricky Martin.

  Billy Joel,Celine Dion,David Bowie,Don Henley,Elton John,Ricky Martin,Tom Petty

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