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Collection of Four Photos From The Historic Meeting of Chuck Connors with Soviet President Breznev

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Collection of Four Photos From The Historic Meeting of Chuck Connors with Soviet President Breznev

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Historically, this is a small but important collection of photos that was given to Steven Connors from his beloved father, Chuck. The elder Connors was a key supporter of the Republican Party. Because of his celebrity status and party affiliations, he was on the guest list for the “meet-and-greet” for the Soviet General Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev, hosted by President Nixon at his San Clemente home in June 1973. Connors’ recalls the events of this day in his biography as waiting on the receiving line when he was approached by White House Press Secretary, Rob Ziegler. He informed Chuck that Brezhnev was a big fan of the “Rifleman”, and requested that Chuck express special acknowledgement. When Chuck and Brezhnev were finally face to face, the Soviet leader enthusiastically welcomed Connor’s hand. Chuck delivered an address on behalf of the entire entertainment industry, and offered a gift of two Colt .45 revolvers that Chuck had used in the television movie “Branded.” The elated Russian leader displayed genuine enthusiasm. The following morning, in the compound of Nixon’s home, Connors was on hand to pose for the White House photographer when Chuck presented Brezhnev with the pair of revolvers. The photographer took pictures as Chuck was showing him how to twirl the guns. At this meeting, Brezhnev invited Connors to come to Russia to film a movie. A short time later, they were moved to the front of the house so the two world leaders could make their farewell speeches. The following event was captured forever on video and appeared on the front cover of every major newspaper in the world. Connors was near the front of the tarmac when Brezhnev spotted him. The Soviet leader hustled over to him and vigorously shook his hand. And then without any warning, leaped into the arms of a shocked Connors, embracing him with a tremendous “bear hug.” This created a media frenzy as photographers crammed to capture the moment. The impact of this was enormous; the most feared leader throughout Eastern Europe, on a diplomatic visit, abandons all decorum, revealing before the entire world an unqualified gesture of ingratiating admiration. Later that year Chuck did visit the Soviet Union as the personal guest of Brezhnev. The Soviet invitation was sincere and Chuck did film a 90-minute documentary in Russia titled “Peace and Friendship.” Our offering comes directly from this pivotal moment. Included are trong>1) Photograph of Chuck with Leonid I. Brezhnev after presenting him with the Colt .45 revolvers; trong>2) Original photograph of Chuck Connors posed with Mr. Brezhnev in front of President Nixon’s home. trong>3) Photograph of Chuck on the receiving end of the historic “bear-hug” at the helicopter pad at San Clemente; trong>4) The “promise is fulfilled” as Connors is seen on this b&w photograph with Brezhnev in his office at the Kremlin in the U.S.S.R. (December 1973). Each photograph offered measures 11” x 14.” After careful examination and based on color and clarity we draw on the conclusion that the three color photos are first generation prints. These would have been made for Connors by the White House photographer since he was the only photographer recorded as being present. The black and white photograph from the Kremlin is composed of a series of horizontal lines as if the picture was taken off of a television or some other monitor. In retrospect the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were on the mend, and the display of emotion from the Soviet leader, were unprecedented for the time. Connors’ visit to the Kremlin though lacked the media attention was in itself an extraordinary episode in history.

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