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Collection of Signed Baseball Signature Cuts Billy Martin etc.

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Collection of Signed Baseball Signature Cuts Billy Martin etc.

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Actually, this is a fairly expansive collection of autographs whose principal media are 3″ x 5″ cards as well as a few standard written responses to autograph requests through the mail. There are a few Hall of Famers in this collection, but its central theme is defined by an excellent representation of familiar players from the ’30’s through the ’70’s, with most being veterans of the 1950’s. Most were placed in ballpoint, though many were scribed with felt tip. Nearly all are were signed conscientiously and are immediately legible. There are about 150 different on 3″ x 5″‘s, and another dozen by short letters. A few of these itemize – Art Ceccarelli, Dick Bartell, Ray Boone, Luis Arroyo, Joe Astroth, George Bamberger, Billy Consolo, Bud Byerly, Bobby Adams, Sid Hudson and many others. One of the more interesting in this collection is a government postcard, dated September 17, 1956, signed by Billy Martin.

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Baseball,Card,Signed  Art Ceccarelli,Billy Consolo,Billy Martin,Bobby Adams,Bud Byerly,Dick Bartell,George Bamberger,Joe Astroth,Luis Arroyo,Ray Boone,Sid Hudson

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