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Collection of Six Single-Signed Balls

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Collection of Six Single-Signed Balls

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Everybody brings something different to the plate in the game of baseball. Some players are known for their ability to steal bases while others are hit kings. This catalog listing features some of baseball’s finest. Five of the six offered balls are signed on official baseballs. The great lineup includes: Al Kaline (Al Kaline ball), Pete Rose (OML), Lou Brock (ONL Coleman, “HOF 85”), Stan Musial (ONL Coleman, “HOF 69”), Ivan Rodrigez (OML) and Rocky Colavito (OML). All of the balls are signed on the sweetspot in ballpoint ink.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Signed  Al Kaline,Lou Brock,Pete Rose,Rocky Colavito,Stan Musial

Auction End: 16-Apr-05  Post Views: 1136

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