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Connie Mack Signed Argentine Peso

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Connie Mack Signed Argentine Peso

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It never fails…we sometimes find ourselves in the midst of a famous figure only to be utterly without the necessaries to accommodate an autograph. Such, we believe, once beset a Connie Mack admirer. In that fleeting moment, the only medium available turned out to be an Argentine peso. Fortunately, for our autograph seeker, this circulated peso note was in relatively strong condition – about EX, with only a few minor creases – and baseball’s Grand Old Man acknowledged by signing it on the apparent blank space (which actually bears a water mark as protection against counterfeiting). The vintage of the signing can’t be determined, but the unsteady hand rather suggests that he signed it quite late in life (early to mid 1950s). It is nevertheless an outstanding autograph – clean, legible – projecting at a strength of “10”.

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Signed  Connie Mack

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