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Connie Mack Single-Signed ONL (Frick) Ball

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Connie Mack Single-Signed ONL (Frick) Ball

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We care not to speculate who “Art” was, but he obviously prevailed upon baseball’s Grand Old Man to sign his baseball, and we now know that Connie Mack consented. The medium is an ONL (Frick) ball which helps little in isolating this signing’s vintage (1934-51). The ball is lightly and uniformly toned, and occupying an entire panel is the autograph with the anticipated personalization, “To Art…” – all placed in Mack’s hand. The signature’s quality is about “8-9” due to a couple detectable interruptions. However, this Connie Mack signing radiates a vitality suggesting that it quite pre-dates his geriatric years.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter

Ball,Signed  Connie Mack

Auction End: 07-Dec-05  Post Views: 1019

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