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Curt Flood Single-Signed Ball

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Curt Flood Single-Signed Ball

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Every current Major Leaguer should have a picture of Curt Flood on his wall, or more appropriately, in his wallet. In 1969, Flood celebrated the Baseball Centennial by breaking the backbone, a.k.a the “Reserve Clause”, of MLB’s strange yet perfectly legal monopoly. The Cardinals’ three-time All-Star and seven-time Golden Glover refused to report when traded to the Phillies, asking the commissioner to waive “the clause”, writing: “I do not feel I am a piece of property to be bought and sold irrespective to my wishes. I believe that violates my basic rights as a citizen and is inconsistent to laws of the United States.” He pled his case and logic to the Supreme Court where he lost, but the die was cast, and in 1975, ballplayers won their right to “Free Agency” through arbitration and Flood’s principaled stand. MLB’s average pre-Flood salary was $51,501; today, it’s two million. He never effectively returned to baseball and died young at age 59. This ONL (Wm White) baseball offers a perfect rendering of his elusive autograph, penned in heavy blue ballpoint. NrMT/MT.

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