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Cy Young Single-Signed Ball

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Cy Young Single-Signed Ball

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Modern hobbyists are expressing a growing interest in single-autographed baseballs that include pertinent inscriptions penned by the signer. For the most part, these special self-tribute messages are specifically requested by the solicitor. In this particular instance, though, we’ll bet that it was entirely spontaneous. The diamond celebrity of topic in this case was Cy Young. He cordially provided his personal identity on the side panel of this official Little League baseball (Spalding). The ball itself is noteworthy in that it bears the simulated signature of Little League founder, Carl Stotz. The ball has a couple mild blemishes that, fortunately, were incurred on surfaces other than the autographed panel. The Cy Young signature – a familiar one – was quite obviously administered in his later life, and it reposes at a strength of about “3-4”. Certain pennings appear above and below his signature which, though not immediately discernible, come to life upon closer examination. These are in his hand, and proclaim the bookends of his Hall of Fame career – “1890” and “1911.” In concert, this is a beautiful work – the medium, the glorious autograph and the sublimely apt inscription.

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