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Dave Parker Game-Worn Pirates Batting Helmet with Rare Dunguard Facemask

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Dave Parker Game-Worn Pirates Batting Helmet with Rare Dunguard Facemask

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Eleven of Dave Parker’s 19 major league seasons were spent with the Pirates. During that time, there was a World Championship, All Star appearances, heroics, ups and downs and oddities galore. Too numerous to mention, there was always a circus around the enigmatic star. Two come immediately to mind… was a play in April ’78 in Montreal when he dropped his glove chasing a drive in the alley, caught the ball barehanded and threw out a runner at third. Another involves this helmet, worn by Parker when he had injured his jaw. It was a Pirates yellow impregnated shell with dual ear flaps. The Pirates training staff in conjunction with the neighboring Steelers got together, improvised a protective facemask and rigged it with football clips and hardware to the helmet. It afforded Parker enough protection to continue pounding the baseball during his recovery. Of note is the fact that it wasn’t just any football mask which was utilized. It was the rare reinforced Dunguard black running back mask (hello Chuck Muncie) with even rarer top clips. 3 of the 4 clips are intact and the helmet and mask take a place in hybrid uniform history. It doesn’t get more unique, and it is the inimitable Dave Parker.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team, James Spence Authentication

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