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Early 1930s Football “Kicker & Catcher” Penny Coin-Op Game.

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Early 1930s Football “Kicker & Catcher” Penny Coin-Op Game.

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Note: Game and casing are complete – images depict back opened for inspection. Original wood back and locking hinge are included.

Vintage one-cent arcade machine manufactured by Chicago’s Baker Novelty Company in the late-20s to early-30s. It’s a rare piece, period (or a rare period piece), but we’ll err on the side of logic and date it early-30s due to its overall condition and working order. This popular and apparently profitable game spawned upgraded versions from the maker, but this is the original. Cast metal uniformed “catcher” and kicking leg function independently and are housed in their original wood housing. This seemingly simple game from a simpler time actually requires quite abit of dexterity and is genuinely fun. Parts, paint and all mechanisms are in great shape with nice patina and no significant wear. Solid EX, with the exception of a minor 1/4 nick at top left back, and very manageable in size, measuring 18″ high x 8″ deep x 16″ across. Wonderful functional vintage display.

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