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Early 1930s Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth Signed OAL Ball

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Early 1930s Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth Signed OAL Ball

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Meeting virtually all the requisites that we envision of the ideal Ruth/Gehrig signed ball, this little treasure dates to 1932 or ’33. The moderately toned ball holds the simulated signature of then newly-crowned American League president, Will Harridge. Because that stamping appears in the east panel (and further confirmed by the ball’s red-and-blue stitching), its vintage is narrowed to those two years. (Harridge ascended the presidency in 1931, but his identity on official Reach balls wasn’t effected until ’32.)

To the entree of this opportunity, now, we expand on the tandem signatures. Oriented precisely to prescription, trong>Babe Ruth utterly commands the sweet spot – a penning that remains “trong>5-6” in quality. To the left (i.e., in the west panel), there radiates the autograph of trong>Lou Gehrig which is about “trong>6”. Both signatures are mildly interrputed by surface degradation, yet these signings are equally strong, and fully conspicuous at a comfortable distance. As paired, the linear dimension of the two signatures is less than 180 degrees; as such, the ball may be readily situated for complete visibility of both simultaneously.

In conclusion, we report that there are no other writings on this ball. It bears nothing more than the autographs of those two Pinstripe immortals.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, JSA Authentication

1932,American League,Ball,Signed  Babe Ruth,Lou Gehrig,Will Harridge

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