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Early ’50s Mickey Mantle Game-Worn Yankees Cap

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Early ’50s Mickey Mantle Game-Worn Yankees Cap

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After a short stint to the minors in 1951, Mickey Mantle securely settled into the New York Yankee lineup. By the time age and gimpy knees had taken their toll on the eventual Hall of Famer, Mantle retired claiming the most games ever played in pinstripes.

This cap was worn by Mantle in 1953. After conferring with several Yankees experts, it’s been confirmed that the label appearing in this cap is,1952 or ’53. The size and composition of the interlocking “NY” team insignia, however, germain to 1953. Historically speaking, this would be The Mick’s third championship season in three years, and it traces to the year,that he belted his famous 565-foot home run. While we can’t confirm its use specifically to that event, the cap was definitely worn by Mantle when he was rising to renown. Wonderful use is shown and the cap is fully intact. “7” is written under the bill in a black laundry marker, and the calligraphy of the “7” matches known exemplars of his penmanship.

The cap was originally purchased from an antique dealer in the 1980s. The antique dealer obtained the cap from a restaurant owner from the Cleveland, Ohio area. From the 1940s-60s numerous Yankees would frequent the establishment. According to the dealer, the Mantle cap was a gift to the restaurant.

Size “7 1/4” is stamped into the side of the gray leather headband – which is correct for Mantle and there’s also a 7 1/4 flag tag on the underside of the leather band. The cap shows outstanding, season-long wear. The lower portion of the label has become partially disengaged, there are cracks in the leather and the bill has a crack in the interior cardboard – detectable onlyby touch. Some loose thread around the air vents and on the front of the bill are normal wear-and-tear features which don’t hamper the visual aesthetics.

Pertaining to the “7” our foremost glove expert Denny Esken, who owns Mickey Mantle game-used gloves and has done numerous research on Mantle’s gloves, has viewed the number “7” on this hat and has matched it through his research of gloves that Mickey had numbered. The number “7” on this hat is not a customary “7”, that many would see on Mantle items. This is a pre 1955 “7” which Mantle wrote according to Esken.
Mickey Mantle game-used artifacts are among the toughest to capture in our industry. This fine specimen belongs in Cooperstown.

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