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Early 60’s Houston Colt 45’s Heavy Jacket – Tom Borland – Hal “Skinny” Brown

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Early 60’s Houston Colt 45’s Heavy Jacket – Tom Borland – Hal “Skinny” Brown

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The Astros are alive and well with their first World Series berth, but once upon a time before the 8th Wonder of the World was completed in south Houston, the neophyte franchise called itself the Colt 45’s and played in mosquito-infested Colt Stadium. This heavy jacket carries the Swiss embroidered Colt 45 emblem on the left chest as well as the Texas state patch on the left sleeve. The midnight navy wool jacket is somewhat faded, and there are repairs indicating multi-season use but the logo patch and wonderful dual striped, 3 color ribbed collar, sleeves and waist cuffs make it a sight to behold, and of course, as rare, if not rarer, than the shooting gun home flannel. The seven button front is intact, making it both displayable and wearable. The inner left pocket has a size 48 mini label. The inner collar sports a leather hang swatch beneath which resides a satin ID swatch and a Tim McAuliffe label. There is a very faint “38” on the swatch linking the jacket to pitchers Tom Borland and Hal Brown. In the case of this defunct and high-demand jacket, it’s not the player, it’s the logos, the stripes and the look. Sometimes even oppressive humidity and mosquitoes seem attractive.

100% Authentic Team

World Series  Hal Brown,Tim McAuliffe,Tom Borland

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