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Early ’70s Errol Mann Game-Worn Vintage Detroit Lions Jersey

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Early ’70s Errol Mann Game-Worn Vintage Detroit Lions Jersey

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Erroll Mann was one of a dying breed of straignt on kickers, made extinct with the arrival from foreign shores and college soccer programs of the “side swipers”.

In the midst of the change, Mann proved he could still kick “the old fashion way” and did so effectively over 12 NFL seasons for three different clubs.

Mann probably never looked better utilizing his educated toe than when he played for the ’72 Lions. That season, he wore the beautiful Columbia blue durene with embedded “Northwestern style” sleeve striping in highly sheened silver.

The numerals make the jersey come to life utilizing silver and white tackle twill with extra thickness employed on the backing white twill for the #12’s on the front and verso. The horizontally dominant, 2-color, flat bottom 2’s make quite a statement above the sleeve striping, and the NOB in single color silver sits majestically above the back numerals on a highly sheened durene plate.

Dual Sand Knit labels (NFC Exclusivity/size 48) remain perfectly intact on the lower front left tail, an apropos state for a kicker’s jersey. The numerals are solidly puckered, suggesting two years of use – ’72 and ’73.

Overall, a wonderful durene kicker jersey with stylish numerals atop a beautiful highly sheened Columbia blue. The modern day Lions should strongly consider a return to this style.

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