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Eddie Cicotte Signed Cut w/Original Envelope (1919 Black Sox) (Signature PSA Graded GEM MINT 10)

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Eddie Cicotte Signed Cut w/Original Envelope (1919 Black Sox) (Signature PSA Graded GEM MINT 10)

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Lusting for a dollar ill-gained, Eddie Cicotte fell victim to the ugliest (or, more properly, the most publicized) temptation ever recorded in the game. By 1919 he had completed an admirable mound tenure of thirteen years, and may well have continued to merit enshrinement in the yet-to-be founded Hall of Fame. As if repentant, he proceeded through the 1920 regular season to register 21 victories – typifying his talent – when the story exploded for all to see. As a principal in that blemished World Series of 1919, he was summarily banished from the professional game and remanded to eternal dishonor. Now publically loathed as a pariah, he nonetheless continued to respond to autograph requests (occasionally). And by illustration, we offer this utterly magnificent rendering of his signature. Likely placed in fountain pen, this is a responsible masterpiece. The medium is light-gauge, white cardboard measuring 4 3/8″ x 2″. It is perfectly clean, and the signature is a resounding “10” in every consideration. PSA agreed with our assessment and awarded it a PSA GEM MINT 10 grade. This cut autograph is attended by its original mailing envelope, divulging Cicotte’s return address, and postmarked 1953.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, James Spence Authentication

1919,1920,Signed,World Series  Eddie Cicotte

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