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Elvis Presley Art Owned by Michael Jackson – COA Jackson Family Provenance LOA

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Winning Bid: $713.28

Winning Bid: $713.28

Auction ends: 2020-09-27 00:20
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Presented is an Elvis Presley GICLEE painting by owned by the  Jackson Family. This particular artist did a painting of Elvis, with this one being one of Michael Jackson’s all time favorite performers.  The painting of Elvis singing is a GICLEE canvas that is signed by the artist (Stephen Til xxx) measures 26.5″ x 53.25″.

In 1971 Michael Jackson launched his solo career, and the following year had his first chart-topping hit with Ben. In 1982 he released Thriller, which would become the biggest-selling album in pop history, and after the Jacksons’ Victory album and tour in 1984, announced he was leaving. 2300 Jackson Street (1989), released by the remaining quartet, was the end of the band, apart from a couple of reunion shows in 2001 and the shambolic Unity tour in 2012.

Michael Jackson was a one-of-a-kind entertainer, truly gifted and driven not just by the proverbial beat of his own drum but to a pop culture rhythm all to its own.  Whatever that energy was it still moonwalks all over the place of today’s culture. The music business lost an iconic cornerstone when he died.

Presented direct from the Jackson family is this exclusive collection provided by Marsha Stewart. Who is Marsha Stewart?

Marsha Stewart is part of the Jackson Family, and was very close to Joe as well as the rest of the family. According to the legal biding contract from the Joe Jackson Estate, Marsha Stewart was Joe Jackson’s niece and Michael Jackson’s cousin. She is also seen throughout the Jackson Family reunion videos as well as standing side by side with the family during the troublesome Court Hearings in LA. Toward the end of his life, she was also the caretaker of Joe Jackson. As fan mail chairwoman, Marsha was also the supervisor of Michael Jackson’s fan mail for years.  There are many documents, t-shirts, articles presented to prove her in this role as Michael’s Fan Mail Chair.

Because of this close familial relationship, she was gifted Michael Jackson’s personally worn costumes along with Joe Jackson’s personal belongings and worn outfits.  Stewart still holds pieces of Michael Jackson’s legacy and pop culture rhythm within the costumes he wore.

There are several legal documents proving that as part of the Jackson family, Stewart was gifted these items and that she is the sole owner of these items. As provenance for the Jackson items being sold from this collection, we have included copies of these documents as well as a signed letter from Marsha Stewart.

We have vetted the documents and videos proving the validity of Stewart’s relationship to the Jackson family and the authenticity of the costumes and collection.  Never seen before, the legacy of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family have been held dear to Marsha Stewart and have been tucked away for years until now.  She is ready to share these cherished family heirlooms with the world.

Those within the family and closest to Jackson were allowed access to a unique lifestyle perspective. This access also granted permissible reach into the family’s trove of memorabilia.

This auction celebrates the King of Pop, Michael Jackson as well as the Jackson family. Stewart’s collection includes an amazing selection of personal mementos along with music memorabilia from the Jackson family.

In the latter stages of his life Michael Jackson’s struggle with self-image was well documented. Becoming reclusive amongst vicious accusations and a bottomless stream of rumors, there’s still a lot we still don’t know about the life and times of the King of Pop.

An aspect of his life that’s recently come to light is his bordering on obsessive love of portrait art. Commissioning several artists over a period of more than 25 years, Jackson was bringing his fairytale fantasies to life through an astounding number of oil paintings and murals.

Months before his death, an exhibit of 1,390 personal items from Neverland Ranch were exhibited in Beverly Hills, providing unprecedented access to the mysterious and secretive property Jackson called home. Among the items were iconic memorabilia such as Jackson’s famous white-jeweled glove, a statue of himself as Batman, and these paintings.

Jackson would hire one artist at a time as his personal portrait painter, the most prolific being David Nordahl who was commissioned and painted for over a 17-year period. He would often pay more than $150,000 for larger artworks by Nordahl.

The future King of Pop had met the King of Rock and his daughter in late 1974 while performing with the Jackson Five in Las Vegas. Michael, 16 then, was on his way up; Elvis, pushing 40 and terminally addicted, was on his way down. Lisa Marie Presley was also married to Michael Jackson for two years making the connection between the two music superstars cosmic in nature.

The painting of Elvis singing on canvas that is signed by the artist measures 26.5″ x 53.25″.

Authentication: Provenance Letter

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1 review for Elvis Presley Art Owned by Michael Jackson – COA Jackson Family Provenance LOA

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