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Elvis Presley Custom-Made Martial Arts Uniform (w/Kang Rhee Signed Letter)

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Elvis Presley Custom-Made Martial Arts Uniform (w/Kang Rhee Signed Letter)

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Under Master Kang Rhee in Memphis, Elvis trained as “Master Tiger” with other students in the early-70s. Rhee and Presley were great friends during The King’s “Golden Years.” Presley had an intense interest in martial arts and was introduced to Rhee from his previous instructor Ed Parker. Elvis also became an instructor himself in the Pasaryu Karate Association.

When Elvis trained and did demonstrations at the institute, he wore a custom-made uniform that he designed with Master Rhee. It was a Ronin brand competition style (5) and kept at the facility for Elvis’ use. This particular uniform was essentially a back-up in case Elvis needed it. It was made in white cotton canvas and trimmed in red satin with special “frog” closures. The Black Belt also decorate in red satin, is monogrammed in gold with Presley’s name and symbolic characters of the "Master Tiger." Also visible are two patches the "TCB – representing Faith, Spirit and Disipline" on the chest and the "Golden Fist" on the left wrist. The pants have the same Ronin tagging as the top and show decorative flares and accents. This uniform was one of only five made for Prestley and obtained by the consigner from Rhee. Kang Rhee provided a signed letter of authenticity.


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