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Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “TCB” Necklace, from Friend Alan Fortas

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Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “TCB” Necklace, from Friend Alan Fortas

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Musician/author, Alan Fortas, provides the provenance for this marvelous piece of jewelry. Through roughly a decade in Elvis Presley’s later life, Fortas was a close friend of The King, and it was by the strength of that relationship that Elvis gave him this 14k gold necklace. The pendant is characterized by a symbolic lightning bolt which is then embellished by the finely-crafted letters, “TCB.” The letters were an arcane catch-phrase among Elvis’ intimates, and they translated “Taking Care (of) Business”, (quite pre-dating the tune chorused by B.T.O.). The braided chain is about 23″ long and its every consideration – to include the pendant – is absolutely pristine. In part, the signed letter provided by Fortas with this piece states “This TCB necklace was given to me personally by Elvis Presley in the early 1970’s, I think it was 1971. Elvis took the TCB from his own neck, and presented it to me. I confirm that this TCB is the same one that was given to me by Elvis Presley.”

Alan Fortes

Letter,Signed  Elvis Presley

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