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Emmitt Smith Game Used Super Bowl Jersey COA Video Match-WeTrak-100% Team

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WORN IN SUPER BOWL – AS MVP!! 1993-94 Dallas Cowboys – Emmitt Smith Game-Worn Jersey (Photo & Video Matched to DISLOCATED SHOULDER GAME vs. Giants, NFC Championship & TOUCHDOWN TEAR in Super Bowl XXVIII vs. Bills – WeTrak Tagging – NFL MVP Season)

The qualities that separated Emmitt Smith apart from fellow professional running backs were durability, toughness and an unwavering commitment to his teammates.

The best example of this was in the 1993 Cowboys regular season finale against the Giants. The rivalry was hot and both teams were battling for the division title and possible playoff bye. During the game, the Giants defense slammed Smith into the concrete-like turf of their home field. Smith’s arm hung limp after that play (his shoulder was dislocated) and Cowboys fans could only watch with a grimace. By the magic of tape under his shoulder pads, Smith pushed through the pain and had one of his most memorable performances ever in the overtime victory.  Dallas finished with a 12-4 record and home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Smith was later named NFL MVP with 1,486 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns. It was his third NFL rushing title. He was the Super Bowl MVP rushing for 132 Yards and scored 2 TD’s.

The Cowboys marched through the playoffs and won the first divisional game versus the Packers (27-17). Next, they faced off against the 49ers in one of their historic playoff rivalry matchups in the NFC Championship (who can forget “The Catch” that happened not so long before?). The Cowboys won this one 38-21 in what was considered one of the ten most memorable moments in Texas Stadium.

ON TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! On January 30, 1994, Emmitt Smith rushed for an incredible 132 yards and had two touchdowns in the second half to bring home the Cowboys a second consecutive NFL title. To round out the stats, Smith also caught four passes for 26 yards in the game.

With the victory, Dallas joined the 49ers and Steelers as the only franchises with four Super Bowl wins (the Cowboys added another title in 1995, the 49ers are now up to five, and the Steelers now have six).

In the win, the Cowboys rallied from a 13-6 halftime deficit. The Bills had the ball and the lead to open the half however Thurman Thomas fumbled the ball for the second time.  That moment just sucked the life out of the Bills. On the recovery, reserve safety James Washington had the turning point with a 46 yard touchdown.

Shortly after Washington’s fumble return, the Cowboys turned up their defense. They sacked Jim Kelly for a 13-yard loss on third down forcing the punt. Then the game relied upon the churning legs of Emmitt Smith. On the simple play named ‘Power Right’, Smith ran behind 1,000 pounds of beast blocking on the right side. His seven carries on that drive out of eight snaps gained 61 yards.

Once the Cowboys were up 20-13, the game settled in to trench warfare. James Washington had another key moment with an interception off Kelly at the top of the fourth quarter. Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith Game-Worn Jersey

Smith put the game away with a one yard touchdown on the left side.

Presented is THE white mesh Apex home jersey worn during that fantastic Super Bowl XXVII game from which Smith was named MVP.

It was also worn throughout the season (see photo matches) and NFC Championship Game against the 49ers. All of the identifiers are heat-pressed including his numbers “22” on the front/back shoulders and his name “E. SMITH” atop the back.

The Hall of Fame worthy relic shows extensive wear with an exterior that has over a dozen team repairs. It has massive abrasions, stretch marks and imbedded staining from the last game it was worn on the Super Bowl field.

The first photo match in the series shows Troy Aikman and Smith on the field in a friendly embrace. This photo is from that memorable game against the Giants that defined Smith’s career – as he played with a dislocated shoulder. The scrape marks on the back of the jersey on the number correspond with the marks on this jersey.

The second series of photo matches are from the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers. Smith is seen wearing the same jersey as the one he wore against the Giants in the famed dislocated shoulder game. Again, the scrapes on the back number match up perfectly and the shoulder wear marks on the numerals become more prominent.

Photomatchers Rejoice!! Numerous photos (see matches on left, Sports Illustrated cover) and the unequivocal video match this to Super Bowl XXVIII. Yes, those uncanny visible wear marks (shoulders/back number) are seen the whole game. However, the notable trait seen on this – we’re talkin…the 4″ unrepaired gash right smack dab in the back is seen in the Super Bowl video. In the video, the tear is first seen as Smith is running in for that last touchdown (18:25) and again when he is crouching on the sideline (19:46) catching his breath toward the end of the game. Yes Emmitt, how sweet it is!!

Further authentication is provided by the Cowboys’ memorabilia inventory tagging in the collar WeTrak (WT2978112145). It’s also fair to note, that this jersey was offered in auction in conjunction with Emmitt’s Run With History charity many years ago.






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There are no reviews yet.

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