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Rolling Stones – Mick Jagger Stage Worn Chicago Bears Jersey From 1981 Tattoo You American Tour (Photo Match) Directly from Mick’s Closet!

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Live from BidAmi is one of the greatest rock n’ roll stage worn pieces of memorabilia to survive!  It is a custom Chicago Bears jersey worn on stage by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones in their epic 1981 American Tour

Fortunately, the jersey is offered intact and unscathed by adoring fans clamoring to tug and pull for just a piece.
As part of the spiritual epicenter of America, Chicago had had a strong influence on music. Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Chuck Berry – the list goes on and on as Blues helped shape rock n’ roll. The Blues cultural influence also went across the pond to inspire The Rolling Stones in their core music elements. It is not surprising that in the Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 would include The Windy City in their plans.  This tour in 1981 was a concert tour of stadiums and arenas in the U.S. to promote the album Tattoo You. ?It was the largest grossing tour of the year.
 Best in the owner’s words, here is the account of how the stage worn Mick Jagger – Walter Payton Chicago Bears jersey was obtained and cherished for 34 years:
“Mick Jagger purchased a brownstone in the West End of NYC when the tour ended and my father, a master artist, was commissioned to stencil, gold leaf, and use faux finishes to decorate the entire brownstone.  My father learned the craft in Germany from his father and grandfather working in churches throughout Europe before coming to the US in 1954.  Here, he restored many famous landmarks inclMick Jagger Stage Worn Jerseyuding the mark Twain House and the Goodspeed Opera House in CT.  In the early ’80’s, decorators began to commission my father to work in celebrity homes in NYC area.

Mick would often stop by to check on the progress of the work and chat with my father.  Toward the end of the decorating project, my father was talking to Mick about the recent Tattoo You tour.  My father relayed to Mick I (his daughter) was such a fan of the Rolling Stones, and that I had waited overnight for tickets to 2 shows to be played at the Hartford Civic Center on November 9th-10th, 1981.  Both shows sold out as I was just five people shy of the box office.  My dad told Mick he wanted to surprise me prior to the project ending, with something special from my favorite band.  He asked Mick to autograph an album he had purchased for me which Mick did.

Mick told my father to wait one moment and he went into one of the bedrooms and came out with a football jersey.  He told my father he wore it in concert and to give it to me with the album.  It was the Walter Payton shirt “34” of the Chicago Bears, which Mick wore on the second night on the Chicago stops at Rosemeont Horizon, November 24th, 1981.

I have kept the shirt in mint condition, now 34 years old since worn by Mick in Chicago in 1981.  My father recently passed away but his memory lives on his art and such special events such as working for Mick Jagger.”

Mick Jagger Stage Worn JerseyWe have photo matched the jersey to Mick on stage at the Rosemont.  We can see the white/orange/white triple set of stripes on the sleeves exhibit the same 1/2 inch spacing.  The “34” numeric style on front, back and sleeves is also the exact match and is screened on.  Name on back “JAGGER” is also the same 2″ font lettering.  We can see the spacing and the squattier “G” style font  which is correct.  The size is apropo for Mick as he is smaller in stature, and the jersey size is “40”.  It measures 20″ across the chest and 25″ in  length, exhibiting the cut jersey tail.


All these characteristics are very important to photomatching the jersey however, what seals the deal, is cut jersey tail exhibiting the definitive jagged cut.  Side by side we put the photo worn jersey tail next to the jersey jagged edged tail and we can easily see wiithout question it’s the exact same jagged edge on the tail of the jersey.  Paul Natkin wasMick Jagger Stage Worn Jersey one of the photographers at the concert.  We have used his  photographs as well as other photographs available to photomatch this jersey.   High quality resolution photographs are obtainable through his site.  Difficult to obtain, is Mick’s personal stage worn costumes.  They have brought over six figures and they only become more desirable as these quality pieces become less and less accessible.



photo Match, Letter of Provenance





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