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FEATURED: New York Yankees 1963 Mickey Mantle Signed $100,000 Contract with Original Yankees Press Release

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FEATURED: New York Yankees 1963 Mickey Mantle Signed $100,000 Contract with Original Yankees Press Release

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As Mickey Mantle readied for his thirteenth season in pinstripes, he was the toast of the town. The sweet chemistry of his public persona and his reliable diamond excellence positioned him to fairly direct the course of his fiscal destiny. The approaching season was 1963, and on his tablet of glory were now engraved a litany of superlatives – home run records, slugging records, All-Star appointments, MVP awards and, for good measure, a Triple Crown. In a word, he was the darling of Gotham. Mantle was then a mere 31 years old, and though beset by chronic injuries, he seemed to yet store an infinity of dazzling service. We’d imagine that there was spirited dialog on the issue of his compensation for 1963 (though Topping and Roy Hamey would deny it). But conversely, it seems there was no rancor in this exchange – such as the franchise had endured with DiMaggio in ’38. Despite that the Yankees were star-laden in the early ’60’s, Mickey Mantle was the standard-bearer, unequivocally – he was the reigning embodiment of Yankee invincibility. To suppress Mantle at the bargaining table would have ricocheted throughout the media and stirred the wrath of the public. And so, with little upheaval, Mantle mercifully agreed to a one-year pact with the Yankee bean-counters – to the tune of a hundred grand for 1963. So delighted were the principals in this deal that, upon its consummation, the Yankees prepared a statement for the press. All this leads to our two-unit features for this catalog entry. The first of these is a standard American League ‘Uniform Player’s Contract.’ This is the staple form applied in executing countless Major League player compensation pacts. And this one – with none of the debris of incentives, special clauses and such, common to modern-day contracts – simply identifies the franchise and the pertinent player (i.e. “Mickey C. Mantle”). The employment season is indicated as 1963, and the sum for services is declared to be “$100,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS).” The procedure in sealing this agreement entails three separate, but identical, contracts – one for the player (signed by a franchise executive), another for the team’s files (usually penned by the player only), and yet another (signed by both parties) submitted to the President of the American League, who ultimately sanctions the contract. This one was the copy filed with the Yankees, as it bears Mantle’s signature only. His ballpoint signature is “9-10/10″. (It’s ever-so-slightly inexact – but then, for that amounta dough in 1963, we’ll forgive him.) The medium for this contract is in splendid condition. It is very lightly toned, but the corners are crisp, and the document is unfolded and unblemished (NM). Upon closer examination, with a fixed angle of light, we note that the characters comprising the typed entries imposed indentations in the paper stock – consistent with its execution on a manual typewritter. We then turn our attention to the contract’s supplement – its corresponding press release. Dated February 27, 1963, this one-page official announcement was prepared under magnificent Yankee letterhead. It is single-folded horizontally and opens to 8″ x 13 1/2”. The medium for this statement is in NM condition – if we forgive its first-sentence typo, “…kleig light…” (sic ‘klieg light’). Essentially, this is a flavored exultation to Mantle, and a polite Yankee acquiescence to the terms of the contract. With comparisons to Mays, Williams and Musial, it cites Mickey’s many successes, and proclaims him a superstar of Ruthian caliber. Though we don’t see the impact of typewriter characters in this latter sheet, we’re much inclined to believe that it is the original – especially in light of the first sentence’s error. And so, we invite the devout hobbyist to consider this splendid presentation – an original, mid-career Mantle contract embellished by a supportive public statement of that milestone event in Yankee history.

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