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Fidel Castro Signed 2002 Cuban Olympic Baseball Team Award

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Fidel Castro Signed 2002 Cuban Olympic Baseball Team Award

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Large and fabulously colorful official state award presented to ballplayer Narciso Couselo in recognition of his participation in Cuba’ “National Olympics.” Measures 9″ x 12″ on firm heavy stock, and is endorsed by the socialist island nation’s number one baseball fan, El Presidente Fidel Castro Ruiz; also one of history’s most intriguing and influential men. Needless to say, Castro’s rigid government does not look kindly on the sale of these state awards to outsiders, particularly Yanquis. These pieces must literally be smuggled into the hands of anxious collectors, yet this premium piece displays none of the creasing or handling which typically occurs in travels north. It’s beautiful and features what is simply the best Castro exemplar imaginable, rendered in bold black marker. 10/10.

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