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Frank Sinatra Original Oil Painting by Steve Kaufman.

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Frank Sinatra Original Oil Painting by Steve Kaufman.

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Another amazing piece of pop art by Steve Kaufman is old blue eyes like you never saw him. Kaufmans treatment to the mug shot of a youthful is a new experience in gray tones. This beautiful creation is an oil on canvas print. Limited to 25 this one shown here is number 16. The dimensions are 25×36 with only one very minor imperfection. The edge on the very top right has a small line of where the paint is missing. The size of the imperfection is approximately 1/8″ high on the edge and 3/4″ inch wide. If you have this artwork framed then this imperfection will be covered completely. One important afterthought… If your looking at this and you have a touch of Deja Vu You must be a fan of the HBO mega hit “The Sopranos.” In one of Tony’s so called offices this image is hanging on the back wall.

  Frank Sinatra,Steve Kaufman

Auction End: 13-Apr-04  Post Views: 1967 

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