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Full Case of Vintge Wiffle Balls (24 count)

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Full Case of Vintge Wiffle Balls (24 count)

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One time or another every American boy has owned a wiffle ball and bat. The original wiffle could curve like a “son-of-a-gun” and the windows on the house were safe. Ah! The good ole days! Offered here is an entire case of the wonderful orbs in their original boxes. The boxes vary somewhat with Major League endorsers. Some have Tim McCarver and Tom Tresh, Whitey Ford and Tom Tresh, Lou Pinella and surprisingly there is Thurman Munson. There are six boxes for each endorser. Each individual box is in NM condition. The outer display box has suffered a little more wear but is intact and will still display fairly well.

Ball,Major League  Lou Pinella,Thurman Munson,Tim McCarver,Tom Tresh

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