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George Brace Photograph Collection (20)

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George Brace Photograph Collection (20)

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Composed primarily of Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants is this collection of George Brace photographs. The common theme, of course, is that all of them are 4″ x 6″ black & whites, and all of them bear the famous studio’s stamp. Though all of them derive from the Brace Studio (by virtue of the stamped reverses), many of the images are not original to his camera – i.e. they are cropped adaptations of earlier photographs.

Among this group, there’s but one Hall of Famer in Duke Snider. Thereafter, as penned respectively on their reverses, we itemize: trong>Brooklyn – Kirby Higbe, Tom Griffith, Jack LaRocca (but we don’t know who this is), Lew McCarty, Hy Myers, Leon Cadore, Sherry Smith, Al Mamaux and Clarence Mitchell; trong>New York Giants – Pol Perritt, Ken Trinkle, Harry Feldman, Jack Bentley, Lew McCarty, Benny Kauff, Chief Meyers and Rube Schauer. And the remaining two are Tommy Holmes and Jim Lavender. For the most part, all of these are very acceptable in regards to condition – no major creases or surface blemishes of note. The only qualification is that, throughout, the photos have curled somewhat, but their surfaces will not deteriorate when flat-displayed.

New York Giants,Photo  Clarence Mitchell,George Brace,Ken Trinkle,Kirby Higbe,Tom Griffith,Tommy Holmes

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