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Gerald and Betty Ford, Signed Inscribed Photos to Chuck Connors

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Gerald and Betty Ford, Signed Inscribed Photos to Chuck Connors

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From his family heirlooms survive these Chuck Connors keepsakes. They are signed photos that he received from the First Family, Fords, during the mid-70s. Quite obviously, these are personal photographs – not mass-repeated public relations images. Further, both of them are magnificent silk-textured prints which are professionally mounted to white board stock (roughly equivalent in dimension at 12″ x 16″). The Oval Office setting poses Ford in casual exchange with Connors (identity of the attractive young lady is unknown). Below, in the mounting, there appears in beautifully handwritten cursive, “To Chuck Connors With best wishes“, and it’s then signed by Ford with a dissimilar instrument. This is splendid signature, expressed in the familiar “Jerry Ford“, which is uncommonly legible and projecting at a strength of “9-10”.

As posed with the First Lady, Connors is seen with a lapel pin printed in Russian Cyrillic; obviously a product of his continuing bond with Soviet Premier, Leonid Brezhnev. The setting for this photograph appears to be on a jet liner (though, to our knowledge, Connors and the Fords didn’t travel to the U.S.S.R. together). A lengthy inscription then appears in the broad border of the mount – all in Betty Ford’s hand – specifically, “To Chuck Connors – How can I ever thank you enough for all your support – To a very dear man whom I shall ever be grateful – and we had fun too – Fondly – Betty Ford.” Perfectly clean and legible throughout, this ballpoint writing is “10” in every respect.

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