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Gil Hodges Game-Used Stan Musial Model Glove w/Letter from Owner

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Gil Hodges Game-Used Stan Musial Model Glove w/Letter from Owner

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Before the advent of free agency, ballplayers didn’t earn the lucrative salaries that they do today. The majority had to find other sources of income to assure a measure of financial comfort . Case in point – Gil Hodges’ father-in-law owned a butcher shop, where Gil and his acquaintances were frequent visitors in the off-season. Our consignor’s uncle Charlie bought meat for Hugh Casey’s Bar from Gil’s dad, and Uncle Charlie asked Gil if he could get a big league glove for our consignor Tom Drew, who was then polio-stricken. Gil Hodges personally gave the glove to Uncle Charlie, who in turn presented it to Drew. The glove was a true inspiration and aided greatly in the youngster’s recovery. Here, then, is that glove – a Rawlings T70RY “Stan Musial” personal model “Claw” first baseman’s mitt which features a floating heel. The model dates to the period 1953-55 and Hodges used it in his duties at first base. A tan trapper mitt, the style was the top choice of first basemen in that era. According to noted glove expert, Denny Esken, the glove exhibits “great use and it is very rare for this piece of history to surface in this condition.” The trapper web has a leather strip for reinforcement across the top with a T-strap. Great use, but no abuse. A red Rawlings tag, half of which is disengaged from the glove, appears near the thumb end. The winner will receive a letter from Esken as well as one from the original recipient, Tom Drew.

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