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Group of 4 Philadelphia Flyers Game-Used Sticks (Recchi & Renberg, w/2 Signed Kerr & Samuelsson)

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Group of 4 Philadelphia Flyers Game-Used Sticks (Recchi & Renberg, w/2 Signed Kerr & Samuelsson)

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 This is a collection of four Philadelphia Flyers game-used hockey sticks. The highlight of the lot is Mark Recchi who has over a thousand career points. His stick is a graphite Hespeler showing tremendous use throughout the shaft, with many black markings from contact with other sticks. There is a moderately sized crack where the shaft and blade meet, along with a good sized chip below the “M. Recchi” stamp at the top of the shaft. The other major stick is that of Mikael Renberg who uses a Sher-Wood stick. A gouge that’s about a foot long lies on the backside of the lower portion of the shaft. The stick shows great overall use with numerous stick marks, and a small crack at the top of the blade. The other two sticks are both signed in black felt tip and rate at an (“8-9”). Kjell Samuelson’s stick is a TPM Titan that shows extensive use. The signature lies on the lower portion of the shaft. Last but not least is Tim Kerr’s KOHO stick that is a pre-graphite prototype. The stick shows moderate use with no major defects. The stick itself is strange in that it is completely rounded with no edges. Kerr’s signature lies on the tape that covers the handle, and a James Spence hologram is affixed just below the tape to verify the autograph. Also accompanying the collection will be a Bob Sitnick “The Stick Doctor” LOA to verify the use of the sticks, along with a PSA/DNA auction house certificate to authenticate the Samuelson autograph.

PSA-DNA Auction House Letter, 100% Authentic Team, Bob Sitnick LOA

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