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HOFer Jesse Haines Twice-Signed Ball

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HOFer Jesse Haines Twice-Signed Ball

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Through a mound career that spanned nearly two decades, Jesse Haines was the standard of pitching excellence. His most effective years pre-dated the so-called Gas House Gang of the early ’30s as he was most instrumental in the Cardinal pennants in 1926, ’28, ’30 and ’31. However, he contributed immeasurably as a relief artist into his early forties – an effective fireman for the famed ’34 Cardinals. In his retirement, he penned his signature, twice, to this unofficial (Franklin) baseball. Applied in duplicate (on opposing panels), each signature is attended by the notation, “St. Louis Cardinals…1920 – 1937…Hall of Fame 1970.” The ball bears a generous (but uniform) coat of shellac, and the quality of the writings is about “6-7”.

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