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Hollywood Celebrity-Author Signed Books (17 w/Oliver Stone, Kirk Douglas, Jack Palance, Gene Hackman, Shirley MacLaine, Janet Leigh et al.)

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Hollywood Celebrity-Author Signed Books (17 w/Oliver Stone, Kirk Douglas, Jack Palance, Gene Hackman, Shirley MacLaine, Janet Leigh et al.)

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For those of us in the public sector, the beings of published authors exist only in the abstract. To be sure, their names may be in print, and in many instances, those names may be universally renowned. But their flesh and substance are afar – mere apparitions to their audience. However, there is, on occasion, a bridge that spans the gap between writer and reader. It’s consummated in the captured autograph, thereby delivering witness that the admirer has gained the acknowledgment of the author.

The following section provides our subscribers the opportunity to begin, or enhance, a collection of literary works that have been author-signed. For the most part, this literature is high fiction, penned in recent years, and generally gaining acclaim from critics and readers alike. Unless specified, it may be assumed that each book: a) is hardbound with its dustjacket; b) is in minimally EX/MT condition (most are NM/MT or “unread”); c) is first edition (and usually first printing); d) is signed by the author (in some instances, however, it’s signed by the subject of the monograph, which will be so qualified); e) may, or may not, be personalized, with notations; f) is signed in dark ink (ballpoint or felt tip) at a quality of “8” or stronger; g) is signed on one of the title pages or first end page; and h) has been signed directly on the page. Departures from these standards will be noted.

Hollywood Celebrity-Author Signed Book Collection (17 Diff.)

trong>1) Nixon: An Oliver Stone Film – Annotated Screenplay, Watergate Documents and Transcripts, and Essays by John Dean, E. Howard Hunt, Daniel Schorr (Cinergi, 1995). Softcover signed by the screenplay writers Oliver Stone, Stephen J. Rivele (pers.), Christopher Wilkinson.

trong>2) Dance with the Devil (Random House, 1990) by Kirk Douglas.

trong>3) A View From Abroad (Miss M Productions, 1980 unknown edition) by Bette Midler (area of signature is tinged).

trong>4) The Patriot: The Official Companion (Carlton, 2000 unknown edition) by Rachel Aberly, Jason Isaccs, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

trong>5) Saving Private Ryan (Newmarket Press, 1998 unknown edition) by photographer David James.

trong>6) Behind the Scenes of Psycho: The Classic Thriller (Harmony, 1995) by Janet Leigh (pers.).

trong>7) Climbing the Mountain: My Search for Meaning (Simon & Schuster, 1997 unknown edition) by Kirk Douglas.

trong>8) The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit (Pocket Books, 2000 unknown edition) by Shirley MacLaine.

trong>9) The Proprietor: The Screenplay and Story Behind the Film (Newmarket Press, 1996) by Isamail Merchant (pers.), Jeanne Moreau and Mark Tissot.

trong>10) The Talented Mr. Ripley: A Screenplay (Hyperion, 1999) by Anthony Minghella.

trong>11) Hello, He Lied and Other Truths From the Hollywood Trenches (Little Brown and Company, 1996) by Lynda Obst.

trong>12) My Stroke of Luck (HarperCollins, 2002) by Kirk Douglas.

trong>13) The Forest of Love (Summerhouse Press) by Jack Palance.

trong>14) Wake of the Perdido Star (Newmarket Press, 1999 unknown edition) by Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan.

trong>15) The Bridges of Madison County (Time Warner, 1992 unknown edition) by Robert James Waller (pers.).

trong>16) A Beautiful Mind: The Shooting Script (Newmarket Press, 2002 unknown edition) by Akiva Goldsman.

trong>17) Man on the Moon: The Shooting Script (Nemarket Press, 1999) by Scott Alexander and La

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