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Honus Wagner Batting Photograph

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Honus Wagner Batting Photograph

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In the early 1990s, the St. Louis-based Megacards commenced releases of card issues under licenses secured to reproduce vintage baseball photos. Among these were those copyrighted by Francis P. Burke whose originals date to the early 20th Century. As an ambitious departure from the company’s standard card issues, Megacards sponsored the production of limited edition enlargements for several of the images – trong>all of them generated individually from their original glass negatives. The merit of these renderings derives, in part, on their numeric serialization. (But none of these, we’re told, ever approached the completion of their serialization.) Of greater import, though, is their high-energy subject matter – then fully enhanced by the quality fiber-base material by which they’re delivered. Borne on the most advanced technology of the day, these enlargements project a quality of detail that maintains utmost clarity – with not a hint of “grainy” compromise. All measuring 19 1/2″ x 15 3/4″, they are indeed devised from the original negatives, and guarantee the utmost in aesthetic display.

Chicago’s West Side Grounds provided the venue for this rare action photo, taken in the 20th Century’s first decade. While static images of the great Honus Wagner abound, very few are known capturing any of his 3400 hits. Splendidly dynamic, this photograph delivers the powerful and exciting Wagner the way he should be remembered. Serialized “715/975”, NM.


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