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Jack Tatum’s Personal Vince Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl XI; w/Tatum Letter)

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Jack Tatum’s Personal Vince Lombardi Trophy (Super Bowl XI; w/Tatum Letter)

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In an Oakland Raiders career that roughly approximated that of legendary head coach, John Madden, Jack Tatum plied an outstanding tenure as the team’s fiercest defensive backs. Even at his slight (by NFL standards) 200 lb. frame, Tatum earned the epithet, “The Assassin” for his uncommonly violent attacks in the secondary. (An unfortunate case in point was the hit he delivered on Darryl Stingley, leaving the Patriots receiver permanently paralyzed.) In his retirement (following the 1980 season), Tatum has suffered gravely from diabetes, yet he’s authored three books.

From Oakland’s first Super Bowl victory, realized on January 9, 1977 as S.B. XI, there’s here available the Vince Lombardi trophy that was singularly awarded to free safety Jack Tatum. As is standard, the piece stands 18″ high and fashioned in sterling silver. Embellished by an NFL logo, the central shaft bears the engraving, “Vince Lombardi Trophy … Super Bowl XI AFC vs NFC.” Then a metallic plate is affixed to the wooden base, proclaiming “The Oakland Raiders…World Champions…Jack Tatum…Oakland 32 Minnesota 14…January 9, 1977.” In deference to its vintage, this trophy does bear a mild measure of oxidation and tarnishing, but only traces of pitting. The wooden base, and its captioning plate, are virtually perfect. Unique, stately, and pertinent to one of the game’s most accomplished defensive backs.

Player’s Letter

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