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Jimmie Fox Cut Signature (with 1933 Goudey Card)

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Jimmie Fox Cut Signature (with 1933 Goudey Card)

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Not Ruth, nor was it Gehrig … the most prolific home run slugger of the 1930s was Jimmie Foxx. (As Casey would say, “You can look it up.”) And though Double X outlived the Yankee superstars, his autograph is today painfully elusive. The opportunity to capture one of those Jimmie Foxx signings, however, is now ripe. This one was placed on a leaf from a standard autograph album. Later extracted, the medium (measuring 4″ x 5-1/4″) is acceptably clean – no creases or blemishes. It’s personalized to “Gil”, along with a salutation, “my best.” This is a very strong Jimmie Foxx signature. We surmise that the instrument was a fountain pen, and the slow-dry character of the ink led to a very slight mussing. Ultimately, in our opinion, the quality of the signature is “8”, but its strength approaches “10”. (In passing, we note that the singular autograph of Pamela Britton appears on the reverse.)

To enhance the appeal of this Foxx signature, it’s accompanied by one of his ’33 Goudey cards – #154. Technically, this one is about FR/GD due to moderately worn corners and a tear along the top border on the reverse. Mild soiling appears on both surfaces of the card, but there are no creases. Much to its credit, however, this rendering of The Beast is unusually well-focused; nearly perfect register. The card, then, and the splendid autograph, await framing and proud display.

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