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Jimmie Foxx Cut Signature (PSA MINT 9)

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Jimmie Foxx Cut Signature (PSA MINT 9)

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Our rapier-sharp research department here at American Memorabilia concludes, with reasonable probability, that this autograph dates to 1942. It’s a trong>Jimmie Foxx cut, scribed in fountain pen, and it’s been assessed trong>MINT 9 by PSA/DNA. The medium is a cream-color sheet measuring about 3″ x 4 3/4″ and it’s uncorrupted by any distractions (blemishes, print or ancillary writing).

Now, to our allegation concerning vintage. The cut (immobilized in a PSA holder) is bonded to a paper reinforcement on the reverse. Thereon projects a magazine action photo of a Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher who is undeniably Ken Heintzelman. The journeyman Heintzelman plied his trade in the Steel City from 1937 through ’47 – with a hiatus for military service spanning the entire seasons of 1943 through ’45. This image of Heintzelman divulges a Pirate jersey with piping and a “Health” patch on the left sleeve. With these variables in mind, and imagining that the Foxx signature temporally coincides with the magazine photo, we deduce that the signing dates exclusively to 1942, when he was still rostered with the Red Sox.

Confessing that our evidence is circumstantial, this is a magnificent Jimmie Foxx autograph in any case. Clearly, there’s a vitality in this penmanship, scribed by a man in his prime.

N PSA Slab

1937,1943,Jersey,Magazine,Military,Photo,Signed  Jimmie Foxx,Ken Heintzelman

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