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Jimmie Foxx Vault-Marked Pro Model Bat

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Jimmie Foxx Vault-Marked Pro Model Bat

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pan style=”text-decoration: underline;”>pan style=”font-weight: bold;”>”Game-Used” has been removed from the title and description of this lot. While this bat shows use, it is virtually impossible to put it in Jimmie Foxx’s hands. Factory records from this time period no longer exist.

Just how strong was Jimmie Foxx? Well, according to Lefty Gomez, Foxx had muscles in his hair. That was how strong only the second player in Major League history to slug over 500 home runs was. Amazingly Double X hit over 30 home runs 12 seasons in a row. And he was a catcher no less. The daily grind of catching couldn’t have had too much of an affect on the Hall of Fame legend. This professional model Burke Batrite bat, circa 1930 to 1934, matches perfectly bats made for Jimmie Foxx during the referenced labeling period. The length and weight (35″ and 34 ounces) match bat orders that appear on Foxx’s ordering records on file at Louisville Sugger Inc. Records from the Hanna Manufacturing Company, makers of the Burke Batrite bat, are no longer in existence. The bat shows evidence of excellent use and has a handle crack that has been repaired. The bat has also been refinished, which has removed some of the visible use on the barrel. Stamped into the knob and the top of the barrel is the “P7 Vault Mark”, which represents the bats’ factory model number.The “P7” model cannot be attributed to Foxx but the presence of the vault mark indicates the bat was used at the professional level and returned to Hillerich & Bradsby Inc. to be used as an exemplar for bats of the same model. This was common practice during the 1920’s and 1930’s. A nice example of a Jimmie Foxx Professional model bat.

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