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Joe Greene Signed Three Rivers Stadium Seat Back

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Joe Greene Signed Three Rivers Stadium Seat Back

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The highs and the lows of sports seasons are not only felt by the fans who pay good money to watch the events. The seats themselves endure year-long weather and often harsh manipulation in serving their duty. These genuine seat backs were all used for multiple seasons in NFL/Major League baseball venues, and then salvaged as souvenir media. All but one of the singly offered 17 were made from hard-molded plastic and feature a reinforced plaque which correctly identifies their origin. Each has an autograph from at least one home-team hero who performed his magic at that specific stadium. While all of the seats show great use, none of them are damaged. For the particular enthusiast, any of these would provide a handsome and eminently conspicuous display.


Wave your “terrible towel” because Joe Greene provided his black Sharpie signature on this Three Rivers Stadium seat back adding “HOF ’90” and “#58” as inscriptions. The former back rest is graced with commemorative plaques and is LE #01/05.

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